• When speaking about Coach Andre Griffin I use three words: supporter, motivator, and well-wisher. Coach Griffin encourages others to be their very best self.  Coach is the kind of person who is actively interested, wishes success, and desires happiness for others, whether it be family, friends, neighbors, and or community. Knowing someone who touches the lives of so many student athletes, changing paths in such a positive direction is a true blessing. I am truly thankful.
    LaKeisha Sigman LSH Varsity Girls Basketball Coach
  • I was blessed to have coached Andre Griffin during his high school career.  At that time, he was a high character student-athlete, a great leader, and a terrific football player.  He was a full-time 2-way player and led the team in both rushing and tackles.  He was selected Conference MVP and earned all-state honors.

    Andre went on to become a football student-athlete at Ohio State, as well as a graduate of the university.  I always believed Andre would be a terrific coach, and he did get into coaching, first at the high school level, then the college level, eventually become a high school head coach, and again a college coach.  At each stop, he has made a lasting impact on the student-athletes he coached.  He always put the welfare of the person coach, as, to him, it was much more than trying to win football games.

    This spirit of giving back led Andre to create the A Griffin Legacy Foundation, holding camps and fundraisers to benefit youths, families, and others in the community.  He is and always has been about giving to others.  I always stressed to my student-athletes to be givers, rather than takers.  He has certainly become a very impressive giver!
    David Sedmak Coach
  • The A Griffin Legacy Foundation is founded by a passion to help young people succeed. Coach Griffin is humble, supportive, and driven. He is a great influence to others because he leads by example..
    Angel J. Cowan CTAG Linkage Coordinator
  • Our Family, The Hoods, have loved working with the A Griffin Legacy on so many levels. The collaboration on the Annual Spread Jada’s Joy/A Griffin Legacy golf outing has been something we look forward to every year. With similar missions of helping others in need, this event has been planned and executed with great pride. Also, as educators in the Lima City Schools, we love the Griffin’s commitment to bettering the lives of high school students through academics and athletics.

    We are thrilled to continue this partnership and support the Legacy of the Griffin family. We also love buying merchandise to support the cause, as it’s high quality, stylish and making a difference in the lives of our youth. We can’t wait to watch the continued growth and the future collaboration’s with Spread Jada’s Joy, with the mission of Down syndrome awareness .
    Chrissy Hood Marketing/Business Instructor